As an avid podcast fan it was only a matter of time before I added “Podcast Producer” to my expansive creative repertoire. I started my first podcast, Two Artsy Gals, in April of 2014. During the four years this podcast ran I also produced an experimental podcast called The Awesome Talks Project. My current podcast, Welcome To Your Midlife Crisis, is an amalgam of my previous efforts.  I not only produce all of these podcasts myself, but I design all the logos, branding, and websites. I also write for the blogs and wrote the theme song lyrics for both Two Artsy Gals and Welcome To Your Midlife Crisis. I love the freedom of expression this creative medium provides!

Welcome to Your Midlife Crisis LogoIn the Welcome To Your Midlife Crisis podcast your hosts, Katie and Loni, gently usher their fellow aging GenXers into a peaceful midlife crisis through real talk about life’s bullshit, excessive swearing, and a healthy dose of arts & crafts.


Two Artsy Gals LogoTwo Artsy Gals is a conversational, lighthearted, and informative podcast covering all things mixed media art, crafts, and more.

Oh, and there is swearing…


Awesome Talks Project logoThe Awesome Talks Project was an experimental podcast  recording completely unscripted conversations. The only thing the panel will knew ahead of time was the topic. The idea of this project was to capture those amazing talks we have with our friends and share them with the world.